What Now?

So, Of Armor and Bone is officially the longest single book I’ve written- about 64 thousand words.  Well, it took me long enough. I was actually working on a short prequel for my Mars: Whispers of a Planet series at the end there.  Just a short 10k words.  But it will go into the omnibus I’m planning. Continue reading “What Now?”


Last night I was texting with my friend while he was at work (he’s a manager, he can get away with it.)  Meanwhile, I was just sitting back and enjoying some video games.  It really made me appreciate the position I’m in with my job.  Five days a week, same time each day, no weekends.Continue reading “Yup”

The Full Book Arrives

After going through my third final editorial read-through, I finally decided to stop ‘stalling,’ if you might call it that.  I can’t remember which year of elementary school it was, but my teacher then told me that a work is never done, it’s just due.  And I think Mother of Mars was long due. IContinue reading “The Full Book Arrives”