The Full Book Arrives

After going through my third final editorial read-through, I finally decided to stop ‘stalling,’ if you might call it that.  I can’t remember which year of elementary school it was, but my teacher then told me that a work is never done, it’s just due.  And I think Mother of Mars was long due.

I first toyed with the idea of a full novel when I was working a graveyard shift job at a gas station.  I had a lot of time to think about… well, things.  That’s where the premise of the book started.  Finally, just over a year ago, I finally put pen to paper- or rather, fingers to keyboard.  And now the final version is here.

I’m definitely going to buy a copy of the print version for myself, basically to check the quality of the printing they do.  I’ve never gotten my hands on a book published in this manner, so it should be interesting.  After that, though, I plan to sign it and send it off eventually to someone deserving.  Not that my signature has any value yet.  I’ll be looking partially to those who have been liking, commenting, and reading to decide who might receive it.

For now, I’ve already started editing the sequel that I haven’t really touched since I finished it at the end of November last year.  It’s also ten thousand words longer.  Luckily, I just can’t help but be engrossed in the story for myself.

I don’t want to bore you with any more of me droning on about myself and my works, so here’s my vlog from when I went to Sacramento, California for my birthday.  Oh wait, that’s about me too…

One thought on “The Full Book Arrives

  1. Congrats! All the best to you 😀 ! I’ll try to get my copy as soon as I can.

    I unfortunately have a huge reading list at the moment ^^;


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