The Public Pool Planet

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Location, location, location.  That’s what they always say.  Too bad most locations across the system suck.  There are a few gems out there, but I have found more dirt heaps than diamonds in the rough.  Don’t even talk to me about turd polishing.  My employers would rather pay to send me to another planet than consider maybe putting a little bit of resources into terra-forming something with only slightly less than average potential.  They’re all about super luxury.  They won’t settle for less than the best.

Lucky for them, I am the best.  As an interstellar real estate agent, I’ve clocked more extra-terrestrial hours than most.  This was the third planet I was visiting this week.  Like most uninhabited planets, there are no convenient platforms to put my ship down on.  This one was no different.

Narrowly surviving the bumpy landing down the hillside, I stepped out of the ship, surveying tools in the bag at my side. I immediately noticed the nice bright light from both suns glaring down at me, from either side of the horizon, no less.  That would just be excellent for some even sunbathing pretty much any time of the day.  Mark that one down as a definite positive.  Looking good.

Dumping the big duffel bag on the ground, I zipped it open and started pulling out my tools.  Barometer, humidity monitor, my big old dumb camera for taking snapshots that could potentially be used for post cards and brochures in the future.  Just the necessary stuff.  This was a class B planet, meaning it could sustain surface water without evaporating it or freezing it.  Coincidentally, the B in class B stands for beach.  On the descent, I noticed a few good areas they could fill up with water and plop a resort by.  Strike up another point.

The final test is determining how much oxygen content is in the atmosphere to make an estimate how much it would cost to make it breathable.  The sensor ticked away for a bit, before popping up its reading- 12%.  Not bad.  However, I couldn’t help but notice the next reading up… chlorine, at 15%.  I’m not sure people coming to a beach resort planet would be pleased to find their blue paradise smelling like a public pool.

So much for that one.  Looks like we’re headed somewhere else.

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