The Public Pool Planet

This comes from another prompt from r/writingprompts.   Location, location, location.  That’s what they always say.  Too bad most locations across the system suck.  There are a few gems out there, but I have found more dirt heaps than diamonds in the rough.  Don’t even talk to me about turd polishing.  My employers would ratherContinue reading “The Public Pool Planet”

Follow My Hand [WP]

It was about two weeks ago I moved in.  Foreclosures.  For someone just moving into town following a job opportunity, it was great; and by that I mean the price.  For being a first time buyer, it was fairly painless too.  Foreclosures are sold by the bank, after all.  Regular sellers are obnoxious and realtorsContinue reading “Follow My Hand [WP]”