The End of It All

Impasse – Chapter Twelve [Final] “Jess called us,” the chief explained as Farva returned to relative consciousness in the back of the ambulance, the warmth burning his digits. “She…” “You don’t deserve that woman, Farve,” the chief muttered, shaking his head. “If I called my wife in the middle of the night, expecting her toContinue reading “The End of It All”

Through Darkness

Impasse – Chapter Eleven Detective Farva found his stride over the wooden stringers, the light in his hands directed forward into the falling snow. He alternated the trajectory of the beam between the steps ahead and those still far in the distance, looking for anything out of the ordinary. It wasn’t long before the strobingContinue reading “Through Darkness”

The Point of No Return

Impasse – Chapter Ten The body next to Detective Farva there in the bed was warm. He sat up to put his hands to his face in an attempt to ease the throbbing of his head. His bare shoulders outside the covers riddled themselves with goosebumps and the brunette stirred, attempting to pull more ofContinue reading “The Point of No Return”

Return to the Tracks

Impasse – Chapter Nine When the detective came to, he was sitting in the back of a patrol car, an emergency blanket spread over him. The car was running, hot air from the heater blowing into the back seat and crinkling the thin, metallic material across his shoulders. The cold grasps of air from theContinue reading “Return to the Tracks”