Lingering Touch

The Stealing of Things [Chapter 2] I did not go searching any further for the individual after they disappeared from sight. The entrances around the block into our gardens are guarded only by the discouragement of chain barriers with hangings signs on them noting that the facilities are closed for the night and that theyContinue reading “Lingering Touch”

The Lady in the Garden

The Stealing of Thins [Chapter 1] Society still has a difficult time taking in the idea of a woman being the main breadwinner for her family. Even harder to grasp is that I, a woman with a husband and two kids, could and does do so working the graveyard shift. The other ordinary, and comparativelyContinue reading “The Lady in the Garden”

From Below

Whispers of Mars [Chapter 25] The following days, the medbay was manned by both the doctor and the male nurse. Their proportions were slightly different from one another but were close enough in height for Cecil to lose the ability to tell them apart. He was attended to by them throughout the next several daysContinue reading “From Below”