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Like what you’re reading here?

If you like what you’ve read so far here on the blog, you’ll definitely enjoy my stories that I’ve published officially over on Amazon. All works there are ones close to my heart, and thus have been given the extra-special treatment- in-depth editing, professional covers, and formatting to turn them into bookshelf-worthy titles. All books that appear in my series can also be purchased in paperback formats for more tactile types.

Giving your honest review on my books after they’ve been read help me gain the ranks in Amazon’s Kindle market, which in turn helps me get noticed by more potential readers.

Going even farther.

Don’t like supporting old Jeff? Want to give me to directly?

I run a Ko-fi page for such specific purposes. Ko-fi is my hub for giving sneak-peaks of my upcoming work. Supporters get ebookified versions of my stories here for easy reading along with the occasional bonus. All it takes is $1 to helping me pay for cover design or hosting fees.

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