The Fire

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 9] Despite being able to warm himself, William remained pale and weak as the others worked about him. James stayed by his side, resting on the arm of the chair and nestling against his father’s side. Lewis unleashed the ox from their stable and used it to bring the O’Malley’sContinue reading “The Fire”

The Winter

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 8] Snow began to descend not long after the trees had lost their final remaining leaves. “Momma, what’s that outside!” James exclaimed, looking out the window after the night of the first storm. Manchester saw snow during those times of the year as well, but it often melted in theContinue reading “The Winter”

The Sights and Sounds

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 6] In their area of choosing, the O’Malley’s ran across the planted fields and simple home of their neighbors, an aged couple whose family had tended the land since the generation of their grandparents. With no children of their own, the couple, Lewis and Bryna Mills, had long since imaginedContinue reading “The Sights and Sounds”

The Move

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 5] After their return from the country, after allowing young Marie and the growing James to experience nature and the pure, fresh air, Jane finally went to her father. She appeared before him alone, bringing with her the sentiments of her husband and the condition of her daughter. “Father, ourContinue reading “The Move”