Open up to a rain-drenched city, grey, dotted with orange streetlights piercing through the darkness intermittently.  The roads are empty, the low grumbling of my old Caddy’s engine pierces through the tapping of raindrops on the metal roof above me. As I pull up to the crime scene, red and blue lights flash off theContinue reading “Noire”

The Public Pool Planet

This comes from another prompt from r/writingprompts.   Location, location, location.  That’s what they always say.  Too bad most locations across the system suck.  There are a few gems out there, but I have found more dirt heaps than diamonds in the rough.  Don’t even talk to me about turd polishing.  My employers would ratherContinue reading “The Public Pool Planet”

The Light in the Night

When you find yourself stranded on a desert island, One of the things you notice is the night sky, completely obscured by any unnatural light. After the first night, you might be content with never seeing another headlight, or streetlight, or house light again. Until, on the horizon, you see the light from a ship.