But Maybe Not…

It was a dark and stormy night… well, actually, it was about mid day, and pretty nice out too.  Not even a drop of rain.  Perhaps a bit humid, though.

Something evil was afoot.  By evil, I mean just unpleasant.  Not even pleasant in the slightest.  Your grandmother, if she happened to be visiting at the time, would probably give it a ‘tut tut’ and a finger wag.  I mean, she was raised in a different time, with different cultural standards.  She might be one of the few who would actually find any of it distasteful.

A knock came to the door, but when I answered, nobody was there.  Perhaps they saw my no soliciting sign after it was too late?  I don’t know how many people actually pay it any warning- if someone did come by and notice it, I would have never been the wiser. Whether it works or not, no knocks would come to my door.

Except this one.  I spotted the package, and heard the sound of the UPS truck driving off. The box had been placed neatly by my door, and I brought it inside.  Even though I ordered it myself, it still feels like Christmas when a big package shows up addressed to you.

The phone rang ominously.  You know, its funny how we still say that it’s ‘ringing’ even if you just have it on vibrate.  Nobody with cell phones have fancy music ring tones anymore.  If you had a house phone, it would definitely ring, but as for cell phones, being more or less always on your person, vibrating is perfectly fine.  If you didn’t want to answer it, you would have to wrestle it into silence before everyone in a mile radius knows about you screening your calls.

An eerie voice spoke to me through the speaker.  “Congratulations! You’ve just won a Bahamas cruise for two…” Well, if I am indeed the special winner, you couldn’t have a real person get on the phone to tell me?  Like I said… evil afoot.


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