It Takes Two to Collide

Mike adjusted the rear-view mirror that insisted in shining the glaring sun into his eyes. There was nobody on the road anyways, in either direction.  Nothing behind him but the setting sun.  He had left it all behind. Peering down at the face of his cell phone, the last bar flickered on and off, before finallyContinue reading “It Takes Two to Collide”

After the Credits

Scene: The weapons factory of the evil-doer is burning and crumbling in the background.  The male protagonist and female protagonist’s eyes meet.  The camera captures their profiles for almost too long.  Finally, they kiss, the structure still ablaze in the background. Credits roll.  Fade to three months later. Male protagonist, John, sits on the couch,Continue reading “After the Credits”

Beauty and The Brain

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m just your average everyday highschool junior.  I’m pretty much just like all the other girls; except for one thing.  I’m a zombie. *groan* (Insert wacky cartoon sounds here.) *Narrator voice voice* Coming this summer to XYZ, Lisa is a zombie. That’s Steve.  He’s a real hottie. That’s not all though,  what I reallyContinue reading “Beauty and The Brain”