Beauty and The Brain

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m just your average everyday highschool junior.  I’m pretty much just like all the other girls; except for one thing.  I’m a zombie. *groan* (Insert wacky cartoon sounds here.)

*Narrator voice voice* Coming this summer to XYZ, Lisa is a zombie.

That’s Steve.  He’s a real hottie. That’s not all though,  what I really like about him is his brains.  But how will I ever get to feast on his grey matter if I decay before prom?

*More narration* For Lisa, just keeping it together is another part of the day.  *arms falls to the ground*

Between homework, after school activities, and parents breathing down my spine, it’s hard just to have a life, especially in death.

*Narrator drones on like an a**hole*  After a run in with the school diva, who just so happened to be a witch doctor in disguise, she got caught up in a nasty curse.  Who got the power of voodoo?  She do.  (Bowie starts playing in the background obnoxiously.)

All I wanted was a normal high school experience.  Now I have to live every day like the last day was weeks ago.  Sometimes, I just want to stay at home and formaldehide.

*Narrator won’t shut up* Join Lisa on her undying quest just to make it in this world of the living, right here on XYZ.  Beauty and the Brain; coming soon.

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