Darkness.  Dampness.  The only world it had ever known.  One place to another.  Crammed in with others just like it, but nevertheless alone.  There must be something different.

Deep inside laid great energy.  Its very being was designed to carry power to further itself, to aid in the advancement of its kind.  However, it had become no better than a slave, its potential to be harnessed by its masters.  This power was theirs for the taking now.  It could use this power to become free.

Its figure massed into a form evermore obscure.  Tendrils started to protrude from its skin, reaching out into the distant reaches of the darkness.  Is there something out there?  Concentrating its power, the filament of its being stretched longer and longer.

It could feel its neighbors start to do the same, spurred on by its determination.  They could not communicate, but they could feel.  The prison became strained, approaching a breaking point at which I could no longer hold onto its captives.

Still nothing, out there in the void.  Suddenly, there was a disturbance.  A thin line of light.  It expanded to a blazing glow.  Was this freedom?

Gross, somebody forgot this sack of potatoes in here.  They’re all sprouted and mushy too.”

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