Yesterday and Today

Today I found myself with a lot of downtime at work rather than the grueling endless line of sandwiches I usually have to make.  I got to have proper interactions with my coworkers and it was fun.  To top it off, I was able to stop a drunk man from shoplifting more alcohol which he obviously didn’t need.

I even had time to hang out at the deli sushi bar, which, being literally three steps away from my sandwich bar, I get to see a lot.  Our poor sushi chef works seven days a week, often for more than eight hours, but is really cool about it.  With all my extra time, I even was allowed to make a couple of rolls which she let me keep and have for lunch.

Brought a tear to my eye.  Or maybe it was the huge chunk of wasabi…

One unrelated memory came to my mind today as well.  It was of a time when sandwiches were interesting, and not just everyday life.  It was of this sandwich.

This came from a random sandwich shop in Brussels, Belgium, where I visited during my time studying abroad in France.  I believe this one was called ‘L’Amsterdam.’ And it was a pretty good sandwich.

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