Talk is Cheap

The Washwater Hotel: Chapter 12 Mr. Wash and Sarah were just finishing up their entrees when Steven carefully marched out, his entree and dessert carefully perched on the wooden tray. “You never answered me, by the way, Mr. Wash. Did any children come about from your marriage?” Sarah spoke up, her fork dangling from herContinue reading “Talk is Cheap”

How A Gallery Goes Together

Art; By Any Other Name: Chapter 1 How A Gallery Goes Together “Bring the Duccios’ around!  I want them here.”  He shouts.  “Please, please, don’t put those two together, Michael.  Their pallets just… clash horribly!”  Twisting about to follow the paths of various canvases about the room, his thick glasses glare brightly from the lateContinue reading “How A Gallery Goes Together”