The Color of Houm: White Flag Burning on Sale!

Book Two of my ‘Color of Houm’ series is available for preorder right now, available to read this Saturday the 12th! Find it on Amazon right here. The once silent defiance finds itself unable to hold back any longer. Both sides head towards an emboldened opposition, victories both small and large piling up, yet neitherContinue reading “The Color of Houm: White Flag Burning on Sale!”

New Year, New Book

Happy New Year, Greasers! While I’ve been working through editing and posting Whispers of Mars for you all, I’ve also been at work finalizing my Sing Wars Prequel, Remnant. I’m proud to announce that it has finally arrived! Prequel to the thrilling Sing Wars Trilogy Before the events of Armor and Bone, the Kingdom ofContinue reading “New Year, New Book”