Writing Through the Heat Wave

New vlog up! [More vlog content] An update for those who want to support me further! I’m prototyping selling my published novels through Kofi, for those who want to support me but not Bezos and his company. I’ve put ‘The Sing Wars’ up to start out with. You can also choose to support me directlyContinue reading “Writing Through the Heat Wave”

The Color of Houm Release!

I’m proud to announce the release of my new book which is the starting point for my a fresh sci-fi series! Get your copy of The Color of Houm Book 1: Seeing Red today! A sci-fi drama of mass proportions; a secluded planetary system, indigenous integrity versus corporate interest, seen from the eyes of thoseContinue reading “The Color of Houm Release!”

The Same 5 Things NaNoWriMo Teaches Me Every Year

NaNoWriMo- short for National Novel Writing Month. A lot of things happen in November, especially the one we just had. NaNo is what I choose to focus my energy on. It’s the fifth year consecutive I’ve written for this event, but I still find the process forcing me to rediscover certain recurring things about theContinue reading “The Same 5 Things NaNoWriMo Teaches Me Every Year”