An Actual Blog Post

As in, this is non-fiction. So if you want to stop reading right there, that’s okay with me. More stories eventually.

I can’t remember the last time I did one of these. Hmm.

The thought of doing this just popped into my head. It’s the last day of a huge heat wave here. It was about 110f all this week, with the highest being 113– that’s about 45 celsius if my ability to roughly translate the two still exists from my time in France. If you ever watched one of my vlogs in the past, you may know that my house is poorly insulated and with no central air. That means trying to not go crazy when the internal temperature goes up to 91f (32c????). Heat that makes just sitting around watching YouTube videos barely bearable. But enough complaining!

Did you enjoy Impasse? It was my Camp NaNoWriMo story this July you might have guessed. It’s seemed to have done good numbers both here and on Inkitt so far. Speaking of Inkitt, it may be easier to read my stories from there, in regard to readability and ease of navigating through the chapters. I don’t mind if you go there to do your reading, and new chapters are uploaded simultaneously here and there.

I don’t know what my next story may be right now, but as always, I have ideas hanging about. The big thing next to look out for is the second book in The Color of Houm series. Look for a sneak peek of it soon? Hopefully, I won’t get too caught up in Minecraft again and let the editing process drag on much longer.

In final news, if you want to call it that: I disabled my contact form here on the website! It was actually getting a lot of use, but… only by spammers! Nope, I don’t want your questionable SEO services or your explicit pics and/or viruses. I was slightly worried that the spammers were the ones pumping up my traffic here, but in fact, them no longer having an exclusive forum in my domain here has done nothing for the page hits and likes I’m getting. Thank you, real people, for your engagement as always!

I’m going to finish off the night here with some hard seltzer and go to sleep knowing that I won’t wake up tomorrow morning covered in sweat. Cheers!

-Sandwich Sean

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