New Year, New Book

Happy New Year, Greasers! While I’ve been working through editing and posting Whispers of Mars for you all, I’ve also been at work finalizing my Sing Wars Prequel, Remnant. I’m proud to announce that it has finally arrived!

Prequel to the thrilling Sing Wars Trilogy

Before the events of Armor and Bone, the Kingdom of Xiandol and the Empire of Tulefore had spent many decades separate and unaware of the dealings of the other on either side of the Sing Mountain Range. When the Sing Stone, a remnant of a fallen star, descended upon the peaks, it drew the attention of magi and normal men alike.

The tunnels in search of the powerful artifact began to creep through the rock of the mountain range from either side until the fateful day when the two peoples met. The birth of the battles of the Sing Wars began with men, but the power of the magi was not far behind.

If you haven’t yet read through my first entry into the Fantasy Genre, you can read the rough first edition here on the blog. If you want to support me, you can also head over to my Kofi page. A single donation of $1 will get you an Ebook copy of the current edition of Of Armor and Bone as well as one of my other free-to-read stories turned into a more accessible digital version.

Thanks for always reading and liking!

-Sandwich Sean

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