And on and on…

I’m going to try an exercise; writing a run on sentence.  -Deep Breath-

Sometimes when you write you just get a stream of consciousness where you just say whatever first comes to your mind, like when I was writing back for National Novel Writing Month, something which I have to explain to many people a lot because I usually just shorten it to ‘nanowrimo’ because that’s what the site and the other people who participate in it do, after all saying the whole title is long, but when you hear just ‘nanowrimo,” it doesn’t sound like what you might expect it to be, I think partially because the W in writing is silent, and it doesn’t really translate when you say the abbreviated version, which I just so happen to be writing on my resume right now because I’m applying for a lot of real life jobs, and something like writing 50 thousand words, especially under the constraint of one book, is a good measure of productivity, creativity and goal orientation that an employer might look for, so there it is sitting right at the bottom of my resume, in a strange place because my friend helped me format my resume in word to look more fancy, and now it’s just stuck like that because he used some weird witchcraft to format it in a certain way to maximize space and verbosity, so any time I try to go and change something, or paste it somewhere else, like on a cover letter which every employer seems to require nowadays, the entire formatting of it breaks.

It still looks great nonetheless.

That went places.

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