The First Half of NaNoWriMo [Vlog]

Hey Greasers! I hope you’re enjoying the rewrite of Mother of Mars (now under new titleship) so far. I’ve been checking in daily with my camera to give perspective on what I’m doing and how I’m being creative this month with my writing. Check it out below! It would be really cool if you SubscribeContinue reading “The First Half of NaNoWriMo [Vlog]”

I’m Rewriting Mother of Mars (For all of you.)

For those people who have been here for the beginning, you likely remember ‘Mother of Mars,’ aka my first proper, full book. The book that this site was sort of built on. And after many years and 7 other full books and countless short stories, I’m coming back to it– to give it a completeContinue reading “I’m Rewriting Mother of Mars (For all of you.)”