The Same 5 Things NaNoWriMo Teaches Me Every Year

NaNoWriMo- short for National Novel Writing Month. A lot of things happen in November, especially the one we just had. NaNo is what I choose to focus my energy on. It’s the fifth year consecutive I’ve written for this event, but I still find the process forcing me to rediscover certain recurring things about theContinue reading “The Same 5 Things NaNoWriMo Teaches Me Every Year”

Word Dreams

For my elementary school job, I have often found myself turning to a site called “Ask A Tech Teacher” to find cool stuff and put together lessons. It turns out the curator, Jacqui Murray, is also involved in writing and self-publish. I reached out in response to her post about ‘teacher-authors’ and long story short,Continue reading “Word Dreams”

What Now?

So, Of Armor and Bone is officially the longest single book I’ve written- about 64 thousand words.  Well, it took me long enough. I was actually working on a short prequel for my Mars: Whispers of a Planet series at the end there.  Just a short 10k words.  But it will go into the omnibus I’m planning. Continue reading “What Now?”

Happenings in Writing Land

Hey greasers, I hope you’ve been enjoying Of Armor and Bone.  I’m interested in the story continuing to come to fruition.  However, if you have been following this blog or the NaNoWriMo community for a while, you’ll know that it’s time for another writing camp. I lucked out by being able to start this month with aContinue reading “Happenings in Writing Land”