Last night I was texting with my friend while he was at work (he’s a manager, he can get away with it.)  Meanwhile, I was just sitting back and enjoying some video games.  It really made me appreciate the position I’m in with my job.  Five days a week, same time each day, no weekends.  No surprise overtime, and any meetings are planned at least two weeks in advance.  It’s really nice working for a place that has its stuff together.  At the deli, I was lucky if I got my two days off side-by-side.

Today I went out on the town, and by that, I meant doing errands.  I was driving my new car, toting my new smart phone– I’m not bragging, there’s a point to this.  I also came from work, meaning I was dressed slightly better than usual.  Heading out of Costco with my pack of sparkling water and bag of coffee beans, I realized that I had taken my first steps into being a middle-aged yuppie.


I guess you have to start somewhere.

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