Remnant: Prologue

Long before the arrival of the Remnant of power to the land of Callia, and the conflict that followed its discovery, the two lands at either side of the mountain range called ‘Sing,’ lived happily distant from each other. The old tales passed down from person to person told of the original humans to arrive upon the land, having sailed the seas after departing the old lands to the west. Depending on who was asked, the story differed, but the spread of people across the continent started somewhere on what would be the coast of Xiandol. While parts of the coastline were viable for settling, the glacial remains of a previous time of freezing upon the mass left nothing but barren dirt and rock deeper inland.

Word Dreams

For my elementary school job, I have often found myself turning to a site called “Ask A Tech Teacher” to find cool stuff and put together lessons. It turns out the curator, Jacqui Murray, is also involved in writing and self-publish. I reached out in response to her post about ‘teacher-authors’ and long story short,Continue reading “Word Dreams”

What Now?

So, Of Armor and Bone is officially the longest single book I’ve written- about 64 thousand words.  Well, it took me long enough. I was actually working on a short prequel for my Mars: Whispers of a Planet series at the end there.  Just a short 10k words.  But it will go into the omnibus I’m planning. Continue reading “What Now?”