The Tenth Day

Pre * De * Cede: Chapter 10 [Final] I only moved Epsilon slightly, back to the corner of the wall of the room. I took the chance to wipe up the water. The lab was slightly disorganized, with opened plastic and paper packets about, as well as a collection of microscope slides and test tubesContinue reading “The Tenth Day”

Win a Trip to Mars!

It’s time to see who is reading these posts of mine! Do you want a free copy of my new paperback? Leave a comment below!  Say hi!  Say anything!  Just don’t make it look like one of those spam comments I have to delete some times. This Saturday the 2nd I will pick a randomContinue reading “Win a Trip to Mars!”

What Now?

So, Of Armor and Bone is officially the longest single book I’ve written- about 64 thousand words.  Well, it took me long enough. I was actually working on a short prequel for my Mars: Whispers of a Planet series at the end there.  Just a short 10k words.  But it will go into the omnibus I’m planning. Continue reading “What Now?”