The Village

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 15] “You haven’t seen anything peculiar in these parts?” Bryna asked. “Apart from a pair of women with their children wandering about the woods aimlessly?” The first hunter asked, straight-faced. Jane was up on the horse with the two children, holding them close. Following the hunters, they marched through theContinue reading “The Village”

The Treads

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 14] The footsteps in the snow led them away from the path they had been following. Jane kept looking back behind them at the road and the line of cleared trees, watching as it disappeared. “Who could be out here in such weather?” Jane asked. Bryna slowed her tread toContinue reading “The Treads”

The Call

That Which Wills Thee [Chapter 13] Jane knelt down in front of James and petted the backs of her hands against his cheeks. The skin was red and cold. The little boy looked about at the surroundings, refusing to even turn in his mother’s direction. “James,” she spoke up, grabbing up his hands in hers.Continue reading “The Call”