Servants of the Empire

Remnant: Book of Tulefore Chapter 6 Silvus’ breath was heavy from mounting the tall stairway up from the docks and about the road leading to the castle. The early hours of the cold morning left the streets still empty. Instead of going after the Slanian, he decided to turn to the castle in order toContinue reading “Servants of the Empire”

Exercise of Power

Remnant: Book of Tulefore Chapter 4 A rabble had formed at the entrance of the castle late that morning, following the distribution of military orders to the families of those who had been selected by Silvus himself. The captain of the guard was already present inside the great hall, aware of the fallout of hisContinue reading “Exercise of Power”

Elemental Power

Remnant: Book of Tulefore Chapter 3 The Royal Asterium was located at the northern tip of Tulefore city. Its tall, bleak walls contained a selection of magi from across the empire. Some of the young magi boasted birthrights belonging to the city, while others had been discovered across the sea in far-off lands and broughtContinue reading “Elemental Power”