Remnant: Book of Tulefore Chapter 7 [Final]

Kiaren and Silvus had managed to exit the great hall with the Slanian prisoner by way of the unique guard’s knock to find Terren at the exterior. While Terren arranged for the castle guards to return to their normal posts, the others returned to the awaiting ship at the harbor. Danus had resigned himself to pacing a length of the quay while awaiting their arrival.

Some of Silvus’ men had descended from the ship to provide watch over Medan while he regained his composure. The heavy air was suddenly lifted as they spotted Silvus forcing the man down the stairs to their location.

Medan stood to examine the captive Slanian. “Fine work, Sir Silvus, Lady Kiaren. I imagine we can see to it that he does not cause any trouble for our voyage.

“He was of no great trouble,” Silvus sighed, passing the Slanian over to one of his men, “but I’m wary of what we will come across when we arrive across the sea.”

Medan folded his arms. “We’ll have plenty of time to discuss how we will proceed, commander. Now, let’s load up and not stall any longer.”

Kiaren slumped her shoulders. She passed by Danus, who attempted to stroke her back. Ignoring any further interaction, she planted herself against the stone embankment across from the docks.

Silvus examined the ship while Medan and the rest of the crew prepared for the final departure. His eyes drifted back to Kiaren, staring at the ground. She offered up a singular glance as he approached and said, “don’t waste any more time, Medan told you.”

“There is always time for you, my dear.”

“Don’t attempt to flatter me with your words, this late.”

“Flatter, no.” Silvus folded his arms across his chest. “You’ve enough flattery to last a lifetime. It’s restraint you need.”

Kiaren grit her teeth. “I suppose I’ll have much time to practice that.”

“You ought to listen to your brother more often, at least in some manners.”


“As he said, there is an order to things, especially in the castle.”

Kiaren pushed herself up. “Such as the order to place your rank above mine?”

Silvus sighed. “It would be wise of you to apologize to the guards you treated so poorly back there. You’re in a position where respect must be mutual.”

From atop the deck of the ship, there was a call. “Sir Silvus!” Medan waved at them. “While the winds are willing!”

Silvus glanced back and waved a sign of understanding. “Kiaren… I shall return here one day. When I do, I shall hope that I will see you as the best version of yourself. Farewell.”

Keep an eye out, hopefully later this summer, for the remainder of the passages of This Prequel collection to the Sing Wars! As always, thanks for reading!

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