Power Compelling

Remnant: Book of Xiandol Chapter 2
At the opposite side of Xiandolia, far at the edge above the rough, cold waters of the sea below, stood the house Weisen, the sanctum of the Magi. For as long as anyone could remember, there lived families and groups of such magically apt people across the land. The magi were those who were able to conjure powers from inside themselves; the elemental magics of fire, ice, or earth, or perhaps twist the forces of their own being into others, animate or otherwise. In the land of Xiandol, these Magi had long been kept near the seat of the kingdom. In the spread of King Halmalch’s power, it is said that certain bloodlines came to join his forces, while others were banished or erased for their desire to keep the land fractured.

Remnant: Prologue

Long before the arrival of the Remnant of power to the land of Callia, and the conflict that followed its discovery, the two lands at either side of the mountain range called ‘Sing,’ lived happily distant from each other. The old tales passed down from person to person told of the original humans to arrive upon the land, having sailed the seas after departing the old lands to the west. Depending on who was asked, the story differed, but the spread of people across the continent started somewhere on what would be the coast of Xiandol. While parts of the coastline were viable for settling, the glacial remains of a previous time of freezing upon the mass left nothing but barren dirt and rock deeper inland.