Bridled | Pilfer

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 18 “What does this mean?” Daniels finally cracked the silence. Babir turned his back to the chamber and took in a slow, deep breath. “There are other cases of such a thing down on the surface. A fungi that invades its host and overrides its natural instincts.” Richards tuggedContinue reading “Bridled | Pilfer”

The Words of Warning

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 17 Daniels leaned in beside Babir, shoving his hand out into the cold air outside. “The air craft took off four days ago… Tuesday… this coming day should be…” “Saturday.” I spoke up.” “Thank you, Sami.” The captain replied, pulling his hand back in and shoving it under hisContinue reading “The Words of Warning”

Knowledge or Faith | Innerworkings

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 16 It was about a week after that primary flight up to elevation that we as a whole crew went up together for the first time. We took with us parachutes- a pack slung across our backs, holding onto a folded tarp that would pop out at our command,Continue reading “Knowledge or Faith | Innerworkings”

The Darkness

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 15 The others finally came our way. Chase was shoved between Joseph and Daniels, an arm on each of their shoulders. Behind them, Mary followed, holding onto her husband’s discarded gear, including the busted lamp. They let the injured man down on the ground, just far enough from theContinue reading “The Darkness”