The Fiber of Life

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 14 The tips of my toes bounced off some sort of slick structure before me intermittently. The light was just barely enough to cast a shadow of my feet upon what looked like a rough, raw flesh, uneven with crag-like protrusions. “Sometimes…” I managed to speak up, my breathContinue reading “The Fiber of Life”

Interlinking Organisms | To Push Harder

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 13 After drinking down some of the water infused with the strange fruit, I felt the malady inside my throat abate, just slightly. It seemed to fill my stomach slightly more than usual as well. Daniels gathered us around as he looked up to the membrane, slowly projecting moreContinue reading “Interlinking Organisms | To Push Harder”

Deeper | The Weight of Air

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 12 After we all had gotten ample time to catch our breaths and level our heads, Alice opened up to me about what they had explored father down the airway. Beyond the opening, the tunnel continued on at the same mild incline for about another kilometer. At that point,Continue reading “Deeper | The Weight of Air”

Fruits of Labor | Pair of Hands

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 11 Before departing the area, we had found and cut down a few more of the strange pods. I held carefully to the strange pieces of vegetation, one under each arm with just enough pressure to avoid tearing the tender exterior. Babir cradled a couple more inside in theContinue reading “Fruits of Labor | Pair of Hands”

Source of Power | Working Wings

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 10 The bed rolls had been splayed around the entrance of the airway, a couple inside. Save Alice, the others had stripped down out of their outer layers, experiencing the ambient heat inside where we were located. The light had become dim, all but the dancing light from theContinue reading “Source of Power | Working Wings”