Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 9 Babir tossed down his pack and lifted his hand to his forehead, scanning the dark exterior bathed in the palest of glows. “An air bladder.” He said, deadpan. My eyes further adjusted to the surroundings. We were up against a wall, in which was the opening leading backContinue reading “Microcosm”

The Depths | Steady Hands

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 8 The air was suddenly humid and warm. I crouched down to the ground to steady my shaking legs and catch my breath. Alice tugged at one of the ropes lining the diagonal path down the side. The way seemed longer from down where we were than from above.Continue reading “The Depths | Steady Hands”

Over The Edge | What Pushes Others

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 6 Chase had put on bits of dried meat into a simmering pot to soak up some of the water. I peered over into the first of two of our waist-high water barrels, now half full under the lid tilted to the side. Lorraine had returned and had beganContinue reading “Over The Edge | What Pushes Others”

The Sheer Wind | Nature?

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 5 I was allowed to take up bunk for the night inside the craft, to which I had mixed feelings. Joseph was allowed to do the same, but the unpadded narrow seats that folded down were hardly enough to rest half of him. He ended up on the floorContinue reading “The Sheer Wind | Nature?”