The False Horizon | The Power of Industry

Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 4 The twilight crept upon us fast, but seemed to linger longer than I had experienced before. The real horizon below was cut off and replaced by the organic one- what could be called ‘the uncanny valley’, as Richards explained while Joseph and Babir began to finish up pullingContinue reading “The False Horizon | The Power of Industry”

The Hands that Lift | The Wind that Blows

Mobius: Eyes above the Clouds- Chapter 3 The first few crates began to come down from the craft in the following half hour or so. A few of the others had gone off to survey around the position, to see where upon Mobius we had landed. I was pushing one crate down and across theContinue reading “The Hands that Lift | The Wind that Blows”

On Wings | To The Sky

Mobius: Eyes Above The Clouds: Chapter 1 The engines of the craft rang in both my ears. They hummed with constant drone, a form of reassurance that we were aloft and moving in this strange craft. The various creaks emanating from the flying machine’s frame still worried me, but I would never allow myself toContinue reading “On Wings | To The Sky”