Mobius: Eyes Above the Clouds- Chapter 19 [Final]

When Daniels finally came to, he tried to feign ignorance, saying that the fall was a mistake. He also denied having anything to do with taking to the destruction of Mobius from the inside. When we returned to the port, he was put under a temporary arrest while my father waited to hear the accounts of the others.

Lorraine and Alcott returned up to Mobius as soon as they could, later the next morning to pick up the others who had returned to the exterior of the creature. They were all worried about the fate of myself and the captain, but the situation was explained thusly. When they landed, Joseph was the first to run to me and grab me up in his arms, swinging me around off my feet. “Sam, Sam, you made it.” Were his words.

The others were rounded up, and the limited amount of things they had left, searched. Richards came forward and told the officials working in my father’s stead about the poaching, and that the Dunns had been told to leave behind the specimens they had collected. Unfortunately for them, they had hidden two of the bone sections inside their clothing. They were confiscated by the officials, and the both of them were put into custody. Daniels was released along with the Dunns shortly after, citing that there was no precedent for charging anything like they had done. They disappeared off, disowned from the project by my father, leaving them also without the paychecks they so badly wanted.

Babir Sengupta went on to describe to my father what we had seen there, his recounting aided by the records I had taken down. He even described the state that Mobius was in, asking if it were a thing to inform the world about. My father stopped and thought for a long time, rather than promptly making up his mind like he usually did. He finally decided that his public image was too tarnished from recent events that any words he said would fall upon deaf ears.

“Sam, would you take the honor?” He asked me.

Babir was there to back him up. “Sami, I will accept whatever answer you provide.”

The question took me by surprise. At the time, I had begun to transcribe my notes and writings from the adventure into a more proper format, only a few pages in at the time. “Many… may not like what they hear. But… if we… provide people the knowledge… they can take the time to open up their minds to it.”

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