Happenings in Writing Land

Hey greasers, I hope you’ve been enjoying Of Armor and Bone.  I’m interested in the story continuing to come to fruition.  However, if you have been following this blog or the NaNoWriMo community for a while, you’ll know that it’s time for another writing camp. I lucked out by being able to start this month with aContinue reading “Happenings in Writing Land”

Fifty Thousand, and Then A Few

Cecil finds himself back on Earth.  His thoughts are quiet, a feeling that has alluded him since he awoke from his operation.  The feeling doesn’t rest easy with him.  Seeking some sort of respite, he goes in search of more information regarding the Mars Development Project.  What he stumbles upon may cause unrest among theContinue reading “Fifty Thousand, and Then A Few”

The Red Planet

Excerpt from “Above A Whisper” (Nanowrimo 2016) Wandering out through the automatic door once again, Cecil looked out again at the darkness beyond the glass. The tiny dots of light gave it a distinguishable form, which seemed to linger outside. Cecil watched as the planet crept into view, larger than ever before. The red surface wasContinue reading “The Red Planet”