Works of Old And New

March is here!  In two days it’s my birthday.  I’m turning 26.  That also means it’s been one year since I originally took my job at that fateful, greasy deli.  We’re also almost at 50 followers here on the blog!  Thank you all for continuing to read the stuff I put out!

I’m going through the final bit of work putting final edits on Mother of Mars, which has been in progress for about a year now.  I hope to have it ready to put up on Amazon Kindle in the coming weeks.  Incidentally, it’s the perfect timing, being that the Spring Camp Nanowrimo session is right around the corner.  I have an idea of what to write about, but that’s secret for now.

That means I have a month to pretty much write whatever else- and I want you guys to decide what it might be about.  Option 1 is going back to Hell To Pay– the violent, bloody, eldritch inspired historical fiction.  Option 2 is Outland– my more recent writing project, about a man and his mech, exploring a post apocalyptic world.  (If you haven’t gotten a chance to read some of these, click those links so you can catch up on them!) Option 3 is to do more short stories- although these will come no matter what you choose!

Remember to keep any eye out for posts regarding MoM going up! I might even try and arrange a contest of some sort to win free copies.

Until there, here’s a video of my friend and I trying to make food while editing the book.

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