People say there’s an “Eye In The Sky.”  They mean a satellite out there orbiting the planet, spaying on us.  There’s other ways it could be happening, but obviously the biggest example of it would be the worst.  I don’t know if spying is the right word.  Collecting information. Keeping the peace.  Providing security.  I don’t believe it.  This isn’t 1984.  Nevertheless, I still close my window shades at night.

I’m a writer.  I write… well, propaganda.  I call it that because it is.  It tells people what they should think, bypassing their good sense along the way.  It’s a good way of getting people to follow someone, because they eventually find themselves either seeking similar information or following said information to defy whatever bad guy it creates.

My bad guy, defined by the articles I write, is those people who want to tell the world that spying on us is bad.  Yes, I know what I’m writing.  Perhaps that’s why I close my curtain- so that nobody sees me rolling my eyes as I type out the endless dribble that goes out to millions of people each day.

Sometimes I start to believe what I’m writing about.  You kind of have to convince yourself in order to not sound phony, despite my best efforts.  Perhaps that would be the best course of action.  If I could fill my papers with so much innuendo, so much hyperbole, so much fictional factation, the people who take it seriously would no longer be able do so.  Perhaps it would get past my editors who simply want to see the buzz words in there.  After all, they are brainwashed and desensitized to the point that it doesn’t even effect them anymore.

Perhaps, it could travel straight to the source- the people who are making these decisions about which I write.  Perhaps they would sit down, read it, and realize just how ridiculous they’re being.  Nah, that could never happen.

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