Pity for The Baby Bird

Excerpt from Mother of Mars (Yes, I’m still working on this.) Rumbling over the rocky landscape, the comforting sound of radio static plays in Cecil’s ears.  Agrippa speaks up.   “How… how do you feel about all this?”  He hesitates. “It’s been hard to process all of this, Agrippa.”  Cecil sighs, leaning over the front seat.  “IContinue reading “Pity for The Baby Bird”

The Red Planet

Excerpt from “Above A Whisper” (Nanowrimo 2016) Wandering out through the automatic door once again, Cecil looked out again at the darkness beyond the glass. The tiny dots of light gave it a distinguishable form, which seemed to linger outside. Cecil watched as the planet crept into view, larger than ever before. The red surface wasContinue reading “The Red Planet”