‘Hell to Pay’ goes to Publishing

I’ve been busy this past month.  Mostly playing Black Desert Online, my new drug online game of choice.  However, as the temperatures have climbed up past 100 degrees here, running my $800 gaming rig/heater turns my room into a sauna.  So, I broke out my laptop and started to get to finishing my unfinished projects. Obviously,Continue reading “‘Hell to Pay’ goes to Publishing”

A Trail of Iron

Hell to Pay: Chapter 12 Teivel awoke.  It was dark outside, save the moonlight drifting down from the waxing moon, almost full.  He felt the crusty dried blood on his arms. The ground was cold underneath him, and the trickling water played a calming tune in the background.  Sitting up, he gazed into the tricklingContinue reading “A Trail of Iron”

The Gift of Nature

Hell to Pay: Chapter 10 The sun burned at the fog that hugged the ground around him.  Tievel’s cold feet sunk slightly into the matted grass and moist ground.  He could feel each hair on his body stand up, and his teeth threatened to chatter against one another. The sun, still low in the sky,Continue reading “The Gift of Nature”