I’ve really wanted to put more up here recently.  The only thing I really have to show for the last week or so is a mess of pages marked up to hell.  Like, seriously.


This is Mother of Mars, in its current state.  All of those markups are changes I’ve made since I “released” it earlier this year– like Junish.  I really want to get it done.  Not just because I’m tired of it, but rather because I’m really into it.

Some parts have been tough.  Today I literally replaced about 2/3 of a chapter with similar yet entirely new writing that that holds a great deal of significance to the plot, or rather the newly revised more coherent more engaging plot that will eventually lead into the sequel.  Sigh.

There are a few notes I’ve left myself to make sure I go back and rewrite a few passages that still feel lazily written.  Some of my notes include:



Make this better

I dunno


I am out of my writing aid; the fancy wine I bought in France so I’m just kind of huffing it now.  I know I promised more “Hell to Pay” this month, but this is consuming all of my time.  At least I think the compilation of the old chapters is revised and edited and pretty much ready to go up.

I have a vlog going up tomorrowish, but I have to upload the video overnight because it’s long and the internet here is abysmal.

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