‘Hell to Pay’ goes to Publishing

I’ve been busy this past month.  Mostly playing Black Desert Online, my new drug online game of choice.  However, as the temperatures have climbed up past 100 degrees here, running my $800 gaming rig/heater turns my room into a sauna.  So, I broke out my laptop and started to get to finishing my unfinished projects.

Obviously, “Above a Whisper” is still lacking final editing, but there’s more to do.  Should I mention that it’s almost been a year since I’ve started this blog, marking the one year anniversary of the completion of the original draft of Mother of Mars?

However, I’ve also been putting together another collection, which finally went up today. Readers who were here last fall got to read the first chapters of ‘Hell to Pay’ I put out one chapter at a time.  Well, I went back and finished the story, putting it with a selection of other short stories of a similar genre, calling it “In Dealing With Things Not Quite Natural.”


I’m proud to announce its release in the amazon kindle store now!  If you happen to buy it, please drop me a rating on the store page- it would really mean a lot to me and help it get noticed.

I’m aiming to get through as much of Above a Whisper as I can by the end of the month before the next Camp NaNoWriMo starts, and I get busy with another story.  Stay tuned greasers!

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