In The Direction of the Rising Sun

Hell to Pay: Chapter 9 The ground at the gate was slightly muddy and packed thoroughly, footprints filling every inch.  There were no lights, no guards patrolling, only the sound of crickets slowly humming in the background.  The faint light from the moon cast a pale glow over the camp.  Teivel’s eyes watered as theyContinue reading “In The Direction of the Rising Sun”

It Takes Two to Collide

Mike adjusted the rear-view mirror that insisted in shining the glaring sun into his eyes. There was nobody on the road anyways, in either direction.  Nothing behind him but the setting sun.  He had left it all behind. Peering down at the face of his cell phone, the last bar flickered on and off, before finallyContinue reading “It Takes Two to Collide”

Exodus from Dust

Hell to Pay: Chapter 8 Shattered glass adorned the floor and reflected the dying light from outside.  Teivel carefully stepped around the shards and gathered his things. Around one brick in the fireplace was a tiny crack where the mortar had been ground down ever so slightly.  It allowed the brick to be slid outContinue reading “Exodus from Dust”