Lunch Service

The Washwater Hotel: Chapter 11 Sarah leaned forward across the table at Obidiah, stroking the rim of her empty water glass. “Mr. Wash-” She said playfully. Obidiah straightened his back and adjusted his shirt. “Yes?” “May I ask… about your wife?” The older woman asked with a restrained energy. Wait, what? Obidiah’s usual calm attitudeContinue reading “Lunch Service”

The Beneath

The Washwater Hotel: Chapter 10 Wednesday Morning Joel headed down once again to a late breakfast with the lightheaded daze of a waning hangover. The morning sun was bright, shining in the front windows of the hotel. The morning housekeeper, wearing the hotel’s deep red uniform, was beginning to tidy up the leftover bits ofContinue reading “The Beneath”

The Real Thing

The Washwater Hotel: Chapter 9 Tuesday Evening It was some time late in the day, far after the lunch hour had passed. Joel had finished his sketch of the contraption under the hotel’s entrance, and the notes jotted down to accompany it. The previous pages of the notebook were filled with similar observations. His stomachContinue reading “The Real Thing”