After the Credits

Scene: The weapons factory of the evil-doer is burning and crumbling in the background.  The male protagonist and female protagonist’s eyes meet.  The camera captures their profiles for almost too long.  Finally, they kiss, the structure still ablaze in the background. Credits roll.  Fade to three months later. Male protagonist, John, sits on the couch,Continue reading “After the Credits”

See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’

After college I worked in a gas station convenience store.  Being a night owl, I eventually volunteered for the graveyard shift.  Believe me, there were a lot of strange people, but the strangest and most interesting were my coworkers, hands down. I had just become the lead at this point.  That didn’t mean a lot.  IContinue reading “See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’”

Cleanup on Aisle Seven [Prompted]

“Bleach.  I can’t remember the last time I picked some up.”  He looked down at his stained shirt.  At one point, it used to be white, but that was a long time ago.  “I guess I’ll go by menswear after this…” It had been weeks since he last saw anybody.  Looking presentable was the lastContinue reading “Cleanup on Aisle Seven [Prompted]”