Thousand Yard Stare

Working in a full service environment like a deli, people have to tell us what they want.  In order to do so, they must know what their heart desires, whether it be greasy sliced meat, greasy fried chicken, or grease on a bread roll.  This means examining the product in the case and the prices/deals on our signs.  People often come to an area, neck rolled back, looking up at one of our signs.

I see it in their faces.  Older people are the worst.  They get that look in their eye, and squint their eyes down into small cracks that pierce the non-existent secrets our signs hold.

Some are more descriptive than others.  My sandwich bar lists all the ingredients for each specialty sandwich, in addition to a full list of possible condiments and toppings, which can be overwhelming to people.  Sometimes people are overwhelmed.  I understand if you’ve never had a sandwich before.  Narrowing down their decisions speeds the process along.  Mayo and mustard on that?

One particular customer had a stare to pierce the heavens.  She started her journey through the deli at our meat counter, that has a sign with the bare minumum of writing, just listing the types of meats we carry.  The case displays the chubs we have in stock and what prices they carry.

I came to her before her stare could have a chance to wander eagerly my way, searching for service from the far end of the deli.  I’ll make it easy for you.  I asked her what she wanted. Her stare remained locked to our sign.  She said she was still looking. I said she could call me when she was ready.

I go back to the never ending task of stocking my sandwich bar, and eventually I received a wave from her.  “What can I get you?”

“Can I just get, like, a pastrami sandwich?”Continue reading “Thousand Yard Stare”

See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’

After college I worked in a gas station convenience store.  Being a night owl, I eventually volunteered for the graveyard shift.  Believe me, there were a lot of strange people, but the strangest and most interesting were my coworkers, hands down.

I had just become the lead at this point.  That didn’t mean a lot.  I could tell people what to do.  There were only 15 of us, so my influence didn’t reach very far.  It was iffy whether people would pay much attention to what I would say anyway.  However, I was able to contribute a bit when new people needed training.  That’s exactly what happened when Jolene started working.

She had been working there for just under a week, working the day shift to learn the registers and whatnot.  There was a lot to learn just being up at the counter, so she ended up waiting a bit before getting transferred to the night shift, when I was working.

That night she came in and I had the first proper interaction with her.  She was pretty and petite and I was perfectly distracted.  Her hair was red and her skin was fair.  I was told she had worked plenty of customer service before, and I knew that her service on my eyes was going to be just as pleasant.  I mean this in the most respectful way, of course.Continue reading “See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’”

Yes, I already ate some.

I made something today.  Made 100% without the use of my keyboard.


It’s pot pie.  It was also the three things that are most often highlighted in recipes made for people without culinary skills: cheap, fast, and easy.  And yes, I did immediately devour one quarter of it, so it was delicious too.

When I work, I get very apathetic towards food, both in cooking and eating it.  I usually end up eating whatever is convenient, usually something that is unhealthy and makes me feel terrible after.  This is one of the few things I’ve made recently that got me excited, both about making it and eating it.  Let me know if you want a recipe!

I also received some good news over Skype today.  I’ll probably announce it when it’s more final.

Punching Sandwiches

I can’t say making sandwiches is the most fun thing I’ve ever done, but the interactions with people get me through the day.  I can’t help but love joking with people.  That’s why I love videos like this.

The second prank really get me.  I’ve discussed doing this with my coworkers, but nobody wants to cooperate sadly.

Pranks like this make me frustrated, especially since I stock the sandwich bar most of the time.  Think of all the bins that are now half empty.  I like that he’s cool at the end though.

Sleep Taketh Away

Picture this.

It’s getting dark outside.  In my case, it’s not dark yet… it’s summertime, and in addition to the horrible heat, the days are very long.  I have work at six a.m., so I get in bed right as it’s getting dark, and head out the door right as it’s getting light out.  This is all beyond the point.  Anyways…

It’s getting dark outside.  You lay down in bed, but you can’t yet fall asleep.  Your head is full of thoughts.  I have this/that to do at work tomorrow.  Let’s not think about that.

Let’s think pleasant thoughts.  A story.  A plot.  A book.  I have it!  I know what the characters are, the conflict, the conclusion.  It’s a best seller.

If the thought survives to the morning, your morning shower thoughts may reveal to you that it lacks many things that proper story require, most importantly any details that may make it even readable.  However, most of the time, you wake up, and realize that all those great things in your mind from the previous night are gone.

Lesson learned, bring a notebook to your bedside.

In simple terms: note to self: make more notes to self.