Yesterday and Today

Today I found myself with a lot of downtime at work rather than the grueling endless line of sandwiches I usually have to make.  I got to have proper interactions with my coworkers and it was fun.  To top it off, I was able to stop a drunk man from shoplifting more alcohol which he obviously didn’t need.

I even had time to hang out at the deli sushi bar, which, being literally three steps away from my sandwich bar, I get to see a lot.  Our poor sushi chef works seven days a week, often for more than eight hours, but is really cool about it.  With all my extra time, I even was allowed to make a couple of rolls which she let me keep and have for lunch.

Brought a tear to my eye.  Or maybe it was the huge chunk of wasabi…

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Darkness.  Dampness.  The only world it had ever known.  One place to another.  Crammed in with others just like it, but nevertheless alone.  There must be something different.

Deep inside laid great energy.  Its very being was designed to carry power to further itself, to aid in the advancement of its kind.  However, it had become no better than a slave, its potential to be harnessed by its masters.  This power was theirs for the taking now.  It could use this power to become free.

Its figure massed into a form evermore obscure.  Tendrils started to protrude from its skin, reaching out into the distant reaches of the darkness.  Is there something out there?  Concentrating its power, the filament of its being stretched longer and longer.

It could feel its neighbors start to do the same, spurred on by its determination.  They could not communicate, but they could feel.  The prison became strained, approaching a breaking point at which I could no longer hold onto its captives.

Still nothing, out there in the void.  Suddenly, there was a disturbance.  A thin line of light.  It expanded to a blazing glow.  Was this freedom?

Gross, somebody forgot this sack of potatoes in here.  They’re all sprouted and mushy too.”

Beauty and The Brain

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m just your average everyday highschool junior.  I’m pretty much just like all the other girls; except for one thing.  I’m a zombie. *groan* (Insert wacky cartoon sounds here.)

*Narrator voice voice* Coming this summer to XYZ, Lisa is a zombie.

That’s Steve.  He’s a real hottie. That’s not all though,  what I really like about him is his brains.  But how will I ever get to feast on his grey matter if I decay before prom?

*More narration* For Lisa, just keeping it together is another part of the day.  *arms falls to the ground*

Between homework, after school activities, and parents breathing down my spine, it’s hard just to have a life, especially in death.

*Narrator drones on like an a**hole*  After a run in with the school diva, who just so happened to be a witch doctor in disguise, she got caught up in a nasty curse.  Who got the power of voodoo?  She do.  (Bowie starts playing in the background obnoxiously.)

All I wanted was a normal high school experience.  Now I have to live every day like the last day was weeks ago.  Sometimes, I just want to stay at home and formaldehide.

*Narrator won’t shut up* Join Lisa on her undying quest just to make it in this world of the living, right here on XYZ.  Beauty and the Brain; coming soon.

Thousand Yard Stare

Working in a full service environment like a deli, people have to tell us what they want.  In order to do so, they must know what their heart desires, whether it be greasy sliced meat, greasy fried chicken, or grease on a bread roll.  This means examining the product in the case and the prices/deals on our signs.  People often come to an area, neck rolled back, looking up at one of our signs.

I see it in their faces.  Older people are the worst.  They get that look in their eye, and squint their eyes down into small cracks that pierce the non-existent secrets our signs hold.

Some are more descriptive than others.  My sandwich bar lists all the ingredients for each specialty sandwich, in addition to a full list of possible condiments and toppings, which can be overwhelming to people.  Sometimes people are overwhelmed.  I understand if you’ve never had a sandwich before.  Narrowing down their decisions speeds the process along.  Mayo and mustard on that?

One particular customer had a stare to pierce the heavens.  She started her journey through the deli at our meat counter, that has a sign with the bare minumum of writing, just listing the types of meats we carry.  The case displays the chubs we have in stock and what prices they carry.

I came to her before her stare could have a chance to wander eagerly my way, searching for service from the far end of the deli.  I’ll make it easy for you.  I asked her what she wanted. Her stare remained locked to our sign.  She said she was still looking. I said she could call me when she was ready.

I go back to the never ending task of stocking my sandwich bar, and eventually I received a wave from her.  “What can I get you?”

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See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’

After college I worked in a gas station convenience store.  Being a night owl, I eventually volunteered for the graveyard shift.  Believe me, there were a lot of strange people, but the strangest and most interesting were my coworkers, hands down.

I had just become the lead at this point.  That didn’t mean a lot.  I could tell people what to do.  There were only 15 of us, so my influence didn’t reach very far.  It was iffy whether people would pay much attention to what I would say anyway.  However, I was able to contribute a bit when new people needed training.  That’s exactly what happened when Jolene started working.

She had been working there for just under a week, working the day shift to learn the registers and whatnot.  There was a lot to learn just being up at the counter, so she ended up waiting a bit before getting transferred to the night shift, when I was working.

That night she came in and I had the first proper interaction with her.  She was pretty and petite and I was perfectly distracted.  Her hair was red and her skin was fair.  I was told she had worked plenty of customer service before, and I knew that her service on my eyes was going to be just as pleasant.  I mean this in the most respectful way, of course.Continue reading “See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’”