See, Store. Ep2: Snake Escape

It was another slow night.  Like, really slow.  There were generally three phases of the night.  The evening, which was still daytime for normal people.  We got the least amount of problems during this time because it was when normal people had stopped drinking and more… dedicated people had yet to begin.  The end ofContinue reading “See, Store. Ep2: Snake Escape”

Beauty and The Brain

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m just your average everyday highschool junior.  I’m pretty much just like all the other girls; except for one thing.  I’m a zombie. *groan* (Insert wacky cartoon sounds here.) *Narrator voice voice* Coming this summer to XYZ, Lisa is a zombie. That’s Steve.  He’s a real hottie. That’s not all though,  what I reallyContinue reading “Beauty and The Brain”

See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’

After college I worked in a gas station convenience store.  Being a night owl, I eventually volunteered for the graveyard shift.  Believe me, there were a lot of strange people, but the strangest and most interesting were my coworkers, hands down. I had just become the lead at this point.  That didn’t mean a lot.  IContinue reading “See, Store. Ep1: Hot Doggin’”