Pale Heart

I’m working on putting out a short story that I kind of just came up with in the last couple weeks or so, and wrote up at a furious pace somehow.

Edit: You can now pre-order.  Comes out the 24th!

When a child says “I love you,”  it’s fundamentally different than when an adult says it. Their minds are yet unsullied, unburdened by the influence of adult relationships and the subtlety and sexuality they bear.  Children are innocent.  When I took in my young niece that night, perhaps it took me too long to arrive at this realization.


I made this cover art myself. It’s nothing special as I’m no graphic designer or even artist. If you are or know an artist, I would love to get in contact to possibly discuss making more cover art for me. I even have an idea for a children’s book, but that’s a totally different animal.

I currently have the first draft passed off to my friend who is… judging it, as you might say.  Mother of Mars is still on track for final publication, just as soon as it’s presentable.

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