Second Coming: Chapter 7 “Well, why didn’t you say something earlier,” Joseph said, crossing his arms, “before busting in here and scaring my family.” The lead officer finally pulled his hand away from his earpiece. “Just our protocol. Securing an unfamiliar area.” He spoke with a northern accent. Joseph shook his head. “Well, we’ve beenContinue reading “Followers”

The Son

Second Coming: Chapter 5 The aftermath of the strange, yet familiar individual’s arrival could only be described as divinely chaotic. The crowd, shoved back among themselves, had fallen to their knees. Some appeared frozen in fear or disbelief, others held their hands in prayer, children weeping, and others holding their hearts and crossing their chests.Continue reading “The Son”

Seeing The Light

Second Coming: Chapter 4 The morning of the Rally, I expectedly served as Steven’s alarm clock, despite the one on his phone already loudly attempting the feat to wake him. With his camera gear in my car and our not-so-official printer paper badges around our necks, we began the drive down to the plaza. “Don’tContinue reading “Seeing The Light”