The Wavering Storm

Hotel Roku-Jyuu-Kyu: Chapter 11 [Final] Light rain tickled the sides of the building. Kyouka snored peacefully, propped up with her arms folded by Tatsu’s side. Karen had succeeded at playfully pushing Touji to the ground, where she had placed herself strategically to cuddle up to his chest. Even Sachiko had moved down from her throne-likeContinue reading “The Wavering Storm”

Looking Home

Hotel Roku-Kyuu-Kyu: Chapter 10 The bright rectangle of Karen’s phone lit up her face and the wall behind her. Touji studied the dark bags under her eyes and her messy, matted hair before looking down at the screen of her phone. The signal indicator remained flat and unresponsive. “My dad is going to kill me.”Continue reading “Looking Home”

Right Place, Wrong Time

Hotel Roku-Jyuu-Kyu: Chapter 9 Some time in the middle of the night, the storm had finally died out, and the sound of rain punishing the side of the building was replaced by the intertwining rhythms of even breaths and snoring. In one sudden moment, the building came back to life with a low hum, whichContinue reading “Right Place, Wrong Time”

Food For Thought

Hotel Roku-Jyuu-Kyu: Chapter 7 Tatsu pushed the big cardboard box through the door, followed by Touji holding onto the long flashlight that flickered with his every step. “Ugh, thank god.” Kyouka moaned and pushed the blanket off her legs. She stood up and grabbed at one of the flaps on the box, trying to pullContinue reading “Food For Thought”