“Release me, heathens!” He struggled, hands tied behind his back.  He continued to roll his shoulders trying to force the bonds off.  “I am an angel of God.”

“You’re a freak, that’s what.”  The man kept his grasp on Manakel’s bicep.  His rough palms grated against his bare flesh. The other two threw him into the side of the table, knocking the wind out of him.  Manakel buckled over, gasping for air. He felt his feet leave the ground as the two mountainous men wrapped their arms under his and dragged him up onto the table.  An elbow was thrust into the small of his back.  A shiver ran up his spine.  Attempting to look up at his captors, his head was forced down, ramming his nose into the hard surface of the table.

A strange feeling extended from his shoulder blades.  “These are quite interesting, aren’t they?”  The rough handed man was running his fingers across the span of his wings.  A human bird.  What kind are you?  A swan perhaps?”

Manakel folded his wings down.  They were stopped, and he felt the tendons in his back tighten as they were spread forcefully.  “I am an angel.  Do not touch those.”  He spoke into the table.  He could feel his hot breath reflecting off the rough surface.Continue reading “Feathers”

Hard Mode Deli

As a gamer, I am used to using the term ‘hard mode.’ It’s a step above the normal stuff, when you’re in for a challenge.

Fridays are definitely hard mode in the deli.  We have all our big sales on Fridays.  People come early meaning we have less time to prepare more.  People might feel like treating themselves to lunch because it’s the end of the week.  People are getting off work and buying food for their weekend adventures.  Even if they’re not getting our sale items, they’re probably there for at least one from another department, and chances are, they’ll come by our department anyways.

However, my work week is just starting then.  And the weekend is also going to be busier.

I got my paycheck this week only to find out that I still haven’t been being paid at a rate that my “promotion” would have called for.  In addition I still get picked on by my manager for not doing work that I don’t have time for, nor am I being paid for.

This isn’t a short story, or some part of my memoir as intended.  This isn’t a game either, and it goes without saying that it is not fun.  This is my life at the moment.  I’m probably going to put in my two weeks soon.

After the Credits

Scene: The weapons factory of the evil-doer is burning and crumbling in the background.  The male protagonist and female protagonist’s eyes meet.  The camera captures their profiles for almost too long.  Finally, they kiss, the structure still ablaze in the background.

Credits roll.  Fade to three months later.

Male protagonist, John, sits on the couch, wearing a stained tank top, shorts, and white socks that haven’t been washed properly.  Probably, ever.  He eats from a bowl of potato chips as the TV spouts incoherent noise.  Most likely some news channel.  Doesn’t matter.

Female protagonist, Jane, enters, frustrated.

“Honey, I think I’m pregnant.”  She produces a pregnancy test with a very ambiguous reading on it.

“What?” He replies, not listening.  “Hey, since you’re here, can you make me a martini?  You know how I like it, shaken and stuff?”

“I’m pregnant!”  She yells, throwing the test stick at him.Continue reading “After the Credits”

Yesterday and Today

Today I found myself with a lot of downtime at work rather than the grueling endless line of sandwiches I usually have to make.  I got to have proper interactions with my coworkers and it was fun.  To top it off, I was able to stop a drunk man from shoplifting more alcohol which he obviously didn’t need.

I even had time to hang out at the deli sushi bar, which, being literally three steps away from my sandwich bar, I get to see a lot.  Our poor sushi chef works seven days a week, often for more than eight hours, but is really cool about it.  With all my extra time, I even was allowed to make a couple of rolls which she let me keep and have for lunch.

Brought a tear to my eye.  Or maybe it was the huge chunk of wasabi…

Continue reading “Yesterday and Today”


Darkness.  Dampness.  The only world it had ever known.  One place to another.  Crammed in with others just like it, but nevertheless alone.  There must be something different.

Deep inside laid great energy.  Its very being was designed to carry power to further itself, to aid in the advancement of its kind.  However, it had become no better than a slave, its potential to be harnessed by its masters.  This power was theirs for the taking now.  It could use this power to become free.

Its figure massed into a form evermore obscure.  Tendrils started to protrude from its skin, reaching out into the distant reaches of the darkness.  Is there something out there?  Concentrating its power, the filament of its being stretched longer and longer.

It could feel its neighbors start to do the same, spurred on by its determination.  They could not communicate, but they could feel.  The prison became strained, approaching a breaking point at which I could no longer hold onto its captives.

Still nothing, out there in the void.  Suddenly, there was a disturbance.  A thin line of light.  It expanded to a blazing glow.  Was this freedom?

Gross, somebody forgot this sack of potatoes in here.  They’re all sprouted and mushy too.”